The Scholarship Program helps provide opportunities to young but deserving students from depressed communities to pursue education. The agency is open to help children starting from 5 years old up to college level.

Young deserving students who want to pursue their Elementary, High School and College Levels coming from low income families within the area of work of the Camillian Sisters.

The target communities are abounding with poor families. About 90-95% of the population belongs to the families of substandard condition and they are the ones with the most number of children. The head of the families usually have unstable jobs since they work as construction workers, tricycle drivers. Some of them are also unemployed and they resort in gambling and drunkenness.

The increase number of poverty to the family affects so much the values of each member. The children have certain capacities to uplift their condition but they don’t have any means to pursue their education, thus they are exposed to hunger, diseases, crime and idleness. Some of these unfortunate ones are our street children, that at their early stage, they have lost their value as a loving creature of God.

The working student program comprises of work and study plan for indigent students. They are allowed to pursue Elementary, Secondary and College education provided they abide to the conditions set by the Camillian Sisters program. Regular monitoring of their school performance is being done. Family visits are being conducted to ensure full collaboration and cooperation from their families.

In return, grantees are expected to render at least some hours of service to the Camillian Sisters Centers to develop self-respect, discipline and sense of responsibility. They are also required to pass their grades to the program coordinator at the end of the school year.


  • To be able to provide opportunities to young deserving students from the depressed communities to pursue education.
  • To inculcate value formation for both students and parents.

Interested applicants are screened based on the following criteria:

  1. He/she must be a resident of Antipolo at one year.
  2. He/she must have interest in studies, hardworking, industrious and ambitious.
  3. He/she must belong to family with an average income 350?
  4. He/she may or may not be an OSY.

Upon applying, applicants must submit the following:

  1. Card Form 137 if high school student
  2. Barangay Certificate/Police Clearance
  3. Good Moral Character
  4. I.D picture



  • all interested applicant must comply with the requirements and submit these to the Social Worker.

Data Gathering

  • applicants with complete requirements will be interviewed by the Social Worker.
  • data gathered during the interview will be validated and verified thru home visitations and collateral interviews.
  • The Social Worker prepares intake sheets and submits them together with the preliminary reports to the Director.


  • a screening committee will screen applicants individually.
  • as part of screening, applicants are expected to initially assist in the center.

Case Presentation/ Recommendation

  • recommended applicants will be presented to the Director for approval.


  • Approved applicants together with their parents will attend the orientation meeting and signing of contracts.


  • the Program Coordinator will take charge of the grantees in terms of their assignment, transportation allowance, requisition, value formation and personality development.
  • grantees are required to render at least (10) hours a week to assist in their center and attend meetings and seminars on value formation. Said meetings will serve as venue to inculcate and develop positive values and improvement of their attitudes and behaviors.
  • Grantees are expected to obtain passing grades at the end of the school year. They are required to present their report cards every grading period. If they have failed for two consecutive school years, they are definitely terminated from the program.

Individual Follow-up

  • the members of the screening committee will conduct an individual follow-up to grantees assigned to them. Problems affecting the grantees will be tackled in the meeting.


  • grantees will be assessed and evaluated periodically by the Scholarship Coordinator. The Program Coordinator has to prepare and submit periodic/semestral evaluation report on the academic performance of the grantees. The results of the evaluation will be the basis of the continuity of assistance.

Program Policies

  • annual photo (whole body of the beneficiaries will be taken possibly in front of their house.
  • beneficiaries are required to write letters to their sponsors at least twice a year (possibly during Christmas and Easter Seasons)
  • a monthly meeting with the parents is implemented integrating value formation, and other inputs about responsible parenthood.
  • Every Saturday, beneficiaries are required to come for catechism, updating and counseling.
    the parents of the beneficiaries will sign a contract of agreement.
  • The Camillian Sisters will assist the beneficiaries specifically on their educational needs like tuition fees, books, school supplies, transportation, projects, snacks, etc. All these assistance will be limited according to the sponsor’s financial support.