As the Philippines is suffering from the current economic crisis caused by unemployment, school dropouts, and poverty aggravated the health condition of the poor both children and adult especially the handicapped. The government shelters could not avail in catering them all due to the increase population.

The Camillian Sisters Bahay Kanlungan ni Maria Domenica was thought by the Sisters out of their continuous concern for the aged abandoned, disables, poor and needy women, especially those living in the depressed communities within the target of work of the Camillian Sisters Apostolate.

The experiences, insights and works that the center had with the three (3) disabled patients staying temporarily at the recovery room of the clinic and other out-patients, play a vital factor for the Camillian Sisters decision to put up a house for them. It is indeed a fervent desire to provide a proper place for the shelter and complete medical/nursing care initially to these five patients and to respond to the increasing request of patients who were fused to be admitted and left uncared due to limited facilities and resources of the center. These patients are those being followed-up and visited at homes by the pre-postulants of the Camillian Sisters, the OMD Health Workers (Kaibigan ni Maria Domenica) and referred by the community leaders, OMD patients, and even NGOs. For the Camillian Sisters, it is always a difficult situation faced whenever they refused a patient for admission to the center because they are fully aware of their charism and their vision/mission/goal.

With the establishment of Bahay Kanlungan, the OMD-Camillian Sisters admits (26) elderly patients and (4) handicapped patients and will provide them a convenient and decent place under the umbrella of the Opera Maria Domenica who will provide complete medical services and nursing and other social assistance services.

The abandoned aged, disabled, poor and sick are special clients who need special attention and care. Therefore, it is only imperative to offer and provide them where they can be well taken care. It is for this reason that Bahay Kanlungan was thought and considered as the BEST PLACE for them. The realization of Bahay Kanlungan is also a fulfillment of a long-waited ant nurtures dream of the congregation.

Specifically, the project aims to:

  • Admit twenty six (26) elderly women and four (4) handicapped young women.
  • Maintain a home for the aged, abandoned, neglected, orphaned, disabled, bedridden and needy women equip with appropriate facilities and complete services for the betterment and welfare of the clientele.
  • Provide a substitute home for the target-abandoned clientele where their physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs are meet.
  • Draw support and active participation from individuals, groups and institutions both from local and foreign countries
  • Inculcate to the residents/clients the value of living a normal/healthy life in spite of their physical handicap and age through their God-given talents and skills. (Simple livelihood)

(To accommodate 30 residents of Bahay Kanlungan properly screened that shall live together in an atmosphere of a home. They shall experience the value of living together, healing each other woundedness, physically and spiritually.)


  • Provide quality care and service to the residents.
  • Live and share the charism and spirituality of the congregation.
  • Maintain and develop Bahay Kanlungan

Long Time Objectives:

  • To develop Bahay Kanlungan into a three story Building.
  • To accommodate one hundred (100) payee residents that would sustain the mission.
  • To establish Palliative Care Team.

To achieve these objectives, the project will provide programs and services consisting of:

a.  Social Services

  • Case management
  • Individual counseling/group sessions
  • Group interaction
  • Social and recreational activities

b.  Home Life Services

  • provides homely and healthy atmosphere
  • conducive and therapeutic
  • community with other needs/beneficiaries
  • provision of personal needs and nursing care to patients
  • provision of clean, comfortable and decent/welcoming quarters

c.  Health Services

  • provision of medical/dental examinations and treatment
  • provision of therapeutic services (physical and occupational)
  • clinic/hospital referrals

d.  Dietary Services

  • provision of nutritional needs of beneficiaries to maintain good health and prevent health deterioration
  • Spiritual Services
  • provides opportunities for worship/others
  • religious activities, Bible sharing, etc.