The Philippines in the past decades suffered a lot from the current economic crisis. The upset situation of the country has caused a great number of unemployment, school drop-out, and impoverished and has aggravated the precarious health condition of the poor, both children and adult.

Displacement, unemployment, poor living conditions and poverty brought various socio-political and economic turmoil has given rise to the number of vulnerable groups to diseases, and eventually death. Various government conditions of the marginalized poor who continually need various forms of assistance in order to recover from whatever they have lost as a person in their extreme poverty and helplessness.

Aware of the need to improve the lives of our people, the Congregation of the Sister Ministers of the Sick of St. Camillus believes that a holistic approach is needed to help each individual become a better person. Hence the Camillian Sisters Maria Domenica Polyclinic and Family Center aims to help the poor and the needy eradicate diseases from their very roots taking into consideration the socio-economic political situation which affects the very life of the family in particular and that of society in general, wherein they live. It is the goal of the Camillian Sisters to consider the person in his/her entirety, giving particular attention to his/her corporal, spiritual, psychological and social dimensions.


  • Offers medical, surgical and dental services, laboratory and radiological procedures, rehabilitation services, EENT, Drug Test and Social Services.
  • Aims to assist and evaluate children from 0-7 years of their regular immunization and monthly check-up.
  • To assist pregnant mothers within the vicinity of the center in order for them to have normal delivery and give them proper hygiene education.
  • To treat patients afflicted with Tuberculosis and educate them about prevention, proper nutrition and drug compliance.
  • To educate all clients on how to value good health and how to improve health through health care program.

Organizational Structure:

  1. Board of Trustees, Camillian Sisters, Inc.
  2. The Board of Trustees is made up of persons chosen from the corporation members. The corporation elects Trustees.
  3. The President (Camillian Sisters Incorporated)
  4. The Treasurer – overseas and controls the financial stability of the institution.
  5. The CSMDPRC Director – is a Camillian Sister assigned by the Board of Trustees.
  6. She takes charge on the management of the institution.