The is an income generating program which helps the poor member of the family develop their training skills in this project and help them earn some income for their daily needs.

The perennial and ever-nagging problem of the impoverished communities under the Parish of St. John Mary Vianney has caused tremendous anxieties and vexation among the people gathered in these areas, giving rise to moral disintegration of the physiological, psychological, social and spiritual dimensions.

The Camillian Sisters developed a program focused on the Livelihood Training that would enhance the welfare and economic status of our poor brothers and sisters and to help them uplift their spiritual life. Simple well viable technologies shall be taught to a participant in a mode they could easily grasp and comprehend. This project will play a vital role in the augmentation of their family income. The training shall further develop and enhance their positive outlook in life and instill in them the virtues of cooperation, self-reliance, leadership and teamwork.

While the livelihood program is geared towards emancipation from indigency, the participants on the project will be given seminars on interpersonal work relationships, values formation, and ethics for them to attain a level of growth in various aspects of life. To this end, Livelihood Training processes shall be integrated with character formation since part of Livelihood is awareness of proper conduct and morals needed to be fruitful and exemplary citizens of the community not withstanding the crucial bondage of poverty.

He severity of economic crisis that beset the Philippines has geared to a great magnitude that it has caused hopelessness and turmoil to people in the depressed communities. In coping up with the fast pace of economic upheaval, the needy are left gasping, yearning, wanting. Aware of the distressed condition of these poor ones, the Camillian Sisters are adopting programs for the benefit of the economically handicapped people

The LTP shall party respond to the economic needs of people in the distressed communities by teaching them hands-on method of feasible projects whose market demands are bright and favorable. Food processing technology shall be given emphasis since wide patronage is on the venue. The much-needed income that may be generated shall augment the existing earnings of individuals and families. This will also be a way wherein families will become solid and engage in entrepreneurship.

Life, however, does not mean sustenance of temporalities only. It connotes the enrichment of a person’s spiritual facet and his positive relationships with others. A component of the Livelihood Training Program is to value education that shall enable the participants to gain positive insights contributory to a harmonious living and working relationships with his/her peers, benefactors, and families. It will also awaken his/her mind made numbed by the pains he/she has suffered and undergone due to extreme poverty and socio-economic deprivation.

One of the Camillian Sisters goals is to fuse together the corporeal and the spiritual dimensions of the poor in proper harmony, enriched with positive traits and nurtured with sanity, compassion and knowledge with ultimate aim of creating a foundation for social transformation.

The LTP, which accept participants from the parents of the beneficiaries from different programs of the Camillian Sisters, out of school youth and other interested parties within the parish of St. John Mary Vianney.



  1. The livelihood training process is a skill-training program that will cater the residents of depressed areas whose income falls below the poverty line, the out-of-school youth and the unemployed.
  2. Applicants shall undergo an interview that will ascertain their income and their interest in the courses offered to make sure that what they learned should be put into practice.
  3. An enrollment fee shall be collected from interested participants. In case of extreme poverty, special agreement shall prevail.
  4. A space suitable for livelihood training condition shall be provided for.
  5. Livelihood Training shall be held at the Camillian Sisters livelihood center.
  6. Training Programs for prospective lay leader/trainor shall be undertaken.
  7. Every participant is required to undergo Values Formation as a component to the LTP.

Program of Activities

Skills Training Courses
Candy Making3 hours
Home Made Ice Cream2 hours
Soap Making2 hours
Paper Making from Cogon6 hours
Potpourri Making4 hours
Dish Garden Making5 hours
Christmas Ideas and Decors5 hours
Native Delicacies Making10 hours
Vinegar Making2 hours
Fruit Processing10 hours
Meat Processing15 hours
Fish Processing10 hours
Peanut Products Processing15 hours
Bag Making36 hours
Dress Making72 hours