The Family Welfare Program (FWP) complements the other Camillian Sisters program. The program recognizes the vital role of the family in the psycho-spiritual and moral formation of every individual in particular their development.

Specifically the program aims to:

improve/strengthen marital/family relationships
strengthen family solidarity and support systems to enable families to handle/overcome pressures and conflicts affecting them.
Create awareness to the various roles contributing to family solidarity and effectiveness.
Inculcate positive Christian values, virtues and ideas relevant to healthy family life.


The Family Welfare Program will be available to all the residents of the Parish of St. John Mary Vianney. The population of the parish is approximately 25,000 families with average household of six. An estimate of 75% families belongs to the low-income group.

The program focuses on the low-income groups whose family heads are usually employed sporadically and work as construction workers, laborers, factory workers and shoemakers. In most cases, only one works to support the family. Most of them have finished only elementary grade making it almost impossible for them to find a stable job. Vices like gambling become an attractive alternative for them to earn a living.

The Camillian Sisters, Inc. in cooperation with its competent staff, teaching force, social workers and trainors, manages the whole program. This program is duly license under DSWD and it is dedicated to the service of the poor and the sick; hence its services are all geared to help the person regain experience of extreme poverty and sickness.

The agency works in the depressed communities of St. John Mary Vianney parish for more than 10 years. Since then they widen their horizon and thrusts resulting to the expansion of their programs and services to more responsive and relevant to the needs of the sick and the needy.