The Community Health Program organizes volunteers from different communities to assist the institution in monitoring the health status of their respective communities especially in the depressed areas and refer them to the clinic for proper treatment. The volunteers (Kaibigan ni Maria Domenica –KNMD) are geared to be the aides of the center in tapping patients who are in need of medical and social assistance. They assist too in medical missions and TB programs (DOTS)

The Community Health Program was seen not only to respond to the immediate needs and pressing health related problems of the poor sick in a rural setting but also o empower them through proper health education, hygiene, nutrition, preventive medicine and social development program which consist of:

  • Medical/dental treatment and management
  • Training and supervision of community health volunteers
  • PTB control, treatment and management
  • Nutrition and health education
  • Community building and formation seminars

Community Health Program

The Program involves not only the medical and non-medical staff of the Camillian Sisters but also the barangay and community officials as well as the community volunteers and community members. It hopes to involve the whole community volunteers and members in the effort to make their own neighborhood disease free and health conscious. The program is being managed by the Camillian Sisters together with their competent medical staff, social workers, and community organizers.

Program of Action

  • KNMD Training
  • Immunization
  • PTB Control and Management
  • Education and Information Drive
  • Community Building
  • Community Volunteers
  • Children below 6 years old
  • PTB Symptomatic
  • 48 depressed communities
  • Camillian Sisters Staff