The Bahay Kanlungan will be open and made available primarily to the ages, neglected, orphaned, abandoned, bedridden and needy female youth/adults free from communicable diseases residing within the barangays of Cupang, Mambugan, Mayamot under the municipality of Antipolo, and other barangays and municipalities/places all over the Philippines. In the Philippines, barangay is defined as the smallest political unit run by elected officials (through election), a barangay captain with (8) councilmen or made known as “kagawad”. Geographically, a barangay is within a given locality divided into small clusters of closely knitted people. These clusters are referred as Puroks or Sitios. With their passage of Local Government Code, the barangay was granted full power and authority over its constituents and all affairs of its area of jurisdiction.

Each of target barangays of the Bahay Kanlungan has puroks and sitios. Based on the data obtained from Antipolo Municipal Records Section and National Census and Statistics Office Regional Office IV, as of 2003 there are total of 16,345 families living in the Barangays Cupang, Mambugan and Mayamot with an average household of size 9. There are about 80% of these families belonging to the low-income group and are squatters. The majority of the heads of the families are daily wage earners working as construction workers, laborers, factory workers, shoemakers and drivers. In almost all the cases, only one works to support the entire family. There about 50-65% of the labor force is sporadically employed. More than a half of the families have been in the areas for the past ten (10) years or more. Assessment of the needs and problems of the target beneficiaries/communities indicates that they have a difficulty in meeting not only their family’s basic needs but also their communal needs for basic facilities/servicesi.e. potable water, light, health, school, recreation activities and others.

For the past years OMD open its door to the first batch of aged, disabled, abandoned and bedridden patients has survived. It was able to sustain and maintain its existence until now in spite of limited facilities and resources. It has exerted efforts explored all the ways and means to support their needs. With the establishment of Bahay Kanlungan for their shelter, its beneficiaries will be assured of a healthy, safe, welcoming, conducive and decent place to live in and will be provided with appropriate facilities and complete services essential to improve and maintain not only their physical but their whole being as well. PTB victim’s intervention will surely bring joy, convenience and somewhat case if not lessen the pains and suffering caused by their illness.

All Bahay Kanlungan applicants are required to undergo the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) specifically on screening and admission. They have to follow the criteria set forth by the project to ensure that only qualified and deserving beneficiaries are admitted to Bahay Kanlungan.

The Camillian Sisters administration will be responsible for the strict implementation and compliance of the project policies, guidelines and procedures to obtain the desired changes. It will also conduct regular periodic evaluation to determine its efficiency, relevance, responsibilities as well as gaps and failures to institute change, modifications and revisions if deemed necessary.