Bahay Kanlungan cares for the destitute elderly women dropped in by relatives who cannot afford to care for them and those found in the streets without anyone with them. They are provided home, nutritional food, medical and rehabilitation services. They are assisted by the Sisters and volunteers towards further spiritual experiences.  

About Bahay Kanlungan

In the year 1992, the OMD Polyclinic and Family Center started accepting abandoned handicapped and bedridden adults. The first group, Maria Paz Soria, an 18 year old girl who was affected by a cerebral palsy, Yolanda Agaw, who had meningitis leaving her paralyzed and mentally handicapped, and Celda Obong, who is quadriplegic was referred to the Camillian Sisters by an ICM Sister for temporary shelter. The clinic then has a recovery room with a four-bed capacity and was used as a temporary shelter for these poor ones.

Celda Obong was brought back to the place where she came because of some psychological difficulties, and in the year 1993 Ramona Cardenas was admitted in the clinic. A year later, she suffered a stroke and is now with the Lord.

As years passed by, many were referred to us but due to lack of proper facilities, it was impossible to accept them. One day, a concerned neighbor brought an old woman from Marikina who is Purita Alcantara, suffering from hemiplegia due to hypertension. She lived for many years in her shanty house alone and could not do her personal hygiene, so she was referred to us to provide her assistant and nursing care.

Two years ago, a former client of OMD Polyclinic referred an abandoned woman, Candelaria Deluvio, who lost her vision because her right eye was affected with glaucoma and left eye with a cataract. She was admitted in the center, after several months of stay. On that same year Nena Moreno, who became hemiplegic after a stroke due to hypertension was also admitted.

The OMD Polyclinic had three (3) disabled patients unexpectedly and a need for them to have proper residence is much felt. Since hey are only using the recovery room as their temporary shelter, a house for the aged and disabled was conceived through the help of generous organization.